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While hiding from bullies in his school's attic, a young boy discovers the extraordinary land of Fantasia, through a magical book called The Neverending Story. The book tells the tale of Atreyu, a young warrior who, with the help of a luck dragon named Falkor, must save Fantasia from the destruction of The Nothing.

Title:The Neverending Story
Release Date:1984-04-05
Production Countries:Canada, Germany, Spain,
Production Co.:Dieter Geissler Filmproduktion Bavaria Studios Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) Producers Sales Organization Bavaria Film
Genres:Drama, Family, Fantasy, Adventure,
Casts:Barret Oliver, Gerald McRaney, Noah Hathaway, Chris Eastman, Darryl Cooksey, Nicholas Gilbert, Thomas Hill, Frank Lenart, Silvia Seidel, Tami Stronach, Sydney Bromley, Moses Gunn, Patricia Hayes, Alan Oppenheimer, Tilo Prückner, Heinz Reincke, Deep Roy,
Plot Keywords:based on novel or book, fictional place, wolf, mythology, magic, horse, book, fairy tale, bully, school, anthropomorphism, reading, book store, fantasy world, giant, gnome, quest, based on young adult novel,
Alternative Titles:
The NeverEnding Story I
The NeverEnding Story 1
Die unendliche Geschichte I
La historia sin fin
La historia sin fin 1
História Interminável
La Storia Infinita 1